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To be the excellent government institution  that   helps the   lifestyles  of   the  

community    in a beneficial  way to the society.


Our Mission


To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of properco-ordination of resourcesand participation of the people  History of BulathsinhalaDivisional Secretariat



Divisional Secretary's Division of the Bulathsinhala in the Western Province of the Kalutara District and the Divisional Secretary's Division of the Ratnapura District to the Horana Divisional Secretariat Division, to the South to the Agalawatte Pradeshiya Sabha, to the Divisional Secretariat Division to the Divisional Secretary's Division. It has a fertile land area of ​​212.2 hectares.

There are 54 Grama Niladhari Divisions. The atitudes of the D1000 Contour line are several tops of the mountains and feed the Kalu River and the small river through the streams flowing through the mountains of the east. Bulathsinhala, the legacy of a traditional rural culture, depends on the position and function of the Kalu River. From the top of the Samanala kanda to the Kalutara river mouth, the river Kalu Ganga, Yatagampitiya Ganga, Pelan Ganga, Maguru Ganga and Gallakela are surrounded by the river Kalu ganga. It is surrounded by rainfall and floods. .

Bulathsinhala, which has a terrestrial environmental heritage as well as a world heritage, is truly a beautiful village. The fertile valleys, the wild animals, the rivers, the streams, the beautiful waterfalls, the gentle fields of the country, make this land pleasant.

By the year 2016 the total population will be 70470. Tea, rubber, coconut, cinnamon, etc. are the main sources of income for different communities. There is a tendency for a more economically competitive market, but also modernizing commercialism.

The Pahiyangala Cave is the largest known natural rock known in South Asia. Chinese history states that the Chinese National Fahйan, a patriot who came to Sri Lanka in the fifth century, used the place as a place of accommodation for their pilgrimage. This is the oldest Sri Lankan archaeologist dating back to 40,000 years ago, and it is believed that people lived in advanced human settlements.

The Walawwaththa Vaturana environmental protection area is located in this division. The wormwood and the Perahini Botanical Gardens, which only can be seen in the Walawwatha, presently believed to be extinct, are the focus of the world's people of Walawwatta.

This area, which has been nourished and developed by the development activities undertaken by the Government, has been well developed and has further developed. The only objective of rural people in this area is to see development in the near future as a developed and self-sufficient economic pattern.


Role performed at DS Bulathsinhala


From To
Mr.   Gnanawimala Munasinghe
Mr.   D.  Dharmasena
Mr.   K.D. Silva
Mr.   M.D.R.W. Silva
Mr.   T.G. Silva
Mr.   Walter K Hethumuni
 Mr.   A.D. Siriwardena
Mr.   P.D. Jayanetti
Mr.   K.D. Piyasena
Mr.   P.D. Jayanetti
Mr.   P.W. Siriwardena
Mrs. B.A.M.P. Abeyratne  2005  2011
Mrs. Irangani Weerasinghe  2011  2016
Mr.  S.K. Henadheera  2016

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